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DAZZ Bathroom Cleaner Tablet - Free Sample Packet & Bottle Label (+ Shipping)

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Its natural Tropical Breeze Scent deodorizes and leaves your bathroom smelling clean and fresh.
  • Makes 1x 32 oz. Bottles.

DAZZ outperformed the leading brands in side by side testing and has a Tropical Breeze Fragrance.

DAZZ Bathroom Cleaner  Leading Bathroom Cleaners
Chemical Content No Harmful Chemicals Harsh Chemicals. Some With Bleach. Some With Other Nasty Stuff
Fragrance Fabulous Tropical Breeze Smells Horrible. Potentially Dangerous Fumes
Environment No Plastic Waste. Responsible Use & Discard. Yet Another Bottle In The Landfill.
Effectiveness Strong & Effective. Outperforms Clorox Strong and Effective, Yet Not Quite As Effective As DAZZ
Value Terrific Value. Less Than $1 Per Refill Almost $4 Per Bottle. Better Clip A Coupon
Size Makes Full 32 oz. Bottle Hey, The Bottle Shrunk To Only 30 oz. or less. Pretty Sneaky
Animal Testing No Animal Testing. Period Many Companies do Animal Testing
Ingredients Proudly & Voluntarily Lists ALL Ingredients On Our Label Better Hire An Investigator, as much as 99.725% Of Their Ingredients Are Not Disclosed


Need More Proof? See The Test Results Here

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