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DAZZ Whole House Cleaner Tablet - Refill Kit

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Whole House Starter Kit Includes: 4 Refill packets for each of our 3 products (Bathroom Cleaner, All Purpose Cleaner, and Window & Glass Cleaner).

Makes 6 x 32 oz. Bottles

The Dazz Difference

Dazz is a revolutionary new eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning product that is not only safe for children, pets, and the Tide Pod Challenge (although we don't recommend consumption) but also attacks the singe-use plastic problem head-on by saving hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles every year. 

Our eco-friendly cleaners outperformed Clorox, Windex, and 409 in side by side testing conduct by the Turi Lab at UMass. 

Need More Proof? See The Test Results Here


Ingredients (Concentration of each ingredient varies for each product and their intended purpose) 

Food Grade Citric Acid. Sodium bicarbonate. Sodium Carbonate. Sodium Laury Sulfate derived from coconuts. Food grade fragrance. Colorant. 

COVID-19 Update 

All DAZZ products are highly effective hard surface cleaners; step 1 in the CDC’s How to clean and disinfect instructions. This process safely removes contaminants (including bacterial and viral pathogens) from non-porous, hard surfaces. Under normal circumstances, this is sufficient for maintaining a clean and healthy home. However, if you suspect a surface may have been contaminated by the COVID-19 virus, it’s advisable to take additional precautions and disinfect that surface. DAZZ does not currently offer an EPA registered disinfectant. One of the safest, easiest, and most effective products for disinfecting is hydrogen peroxide. After cleaning with DAZZ, simply transfer your DAZZ trigger sprayer onto your little brown jug of hydrogen peroxide and thoroughly spray the surface. Let the hydrogen peroxide air dry, no need to wipe. It quickly breaks down into simple water and oxygen; leaving you with a safely disinfected surface.

Another cleaning/disinfecting option is to make your own bleach solution by adding 4 teaspoons of bleach to your DAZZ All Purpose or Bathroom cleaner. We’re not big fans of bleach because of it can be potentially harmful to your skin and lungs; not to mention your clothes and any other soft surface it comes in contact with.  Use caution if you opt for this solution.

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